KeithLily-Round Malaysian wifey, new mummy, aiming to give Jesus my best.

This blog is my little bit of Internet real estate to document my motherhood journey, as well as the incredible journey of being a wife and a child of God. Motherhood has been a great adventure and I am just amazed at how much joy watching my daughter grow can bring. Expect life reflections, recipes and reviews of products that are super useful for family and the home! ❤️



  1. Hi Lily,

    I am the event director for the women empowerment conference, the Inspiring Orchid Conference. I was at the session that you moderated during the Invest Malaysia conference. May I check if you are interested to be a moderator for one of our forum session discussing women dilemma? Do let us know how to get in touch with you to furnish you with more details on the conference. Thank you.

    • lilycheah

      Hi Nadia
      Thanks for this note. I’m not sure if you’ve got the right Lily because I’ve moderated at ASLI and M100 conferences, but not at Invest Malaysia 🙂 Either way, we can take this offline. My email is lilycheah@gmail.com. Thanks!

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