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Review: Mamypoko Extra Dry vs Goo.N vs Drypers

Over the last few months, I’ve been trying out a variety of diapers on Olivia. We use cloth diapers with her during the day, but when we’re out and at nights, we change her over to a disposable. It just makes it easier because I don’t want to deal with a pee or poo-soaked cloth when I’m out or when I’m groggy in the middle of the night!

I started out with 3 brands: Mamypoko Extra Dry, Goo.N and Tesco Loves Baby, which I bought before Olivia was born
I found Tesco pretty good for short periods of time eg. when her diaper was full in the morning and I just needed to change her into something fresh before bathing her and putting her into a cloth diaper. It was very cheap, but I did find the material quite hard, so I’ve not repurchased.

More recently, I’ve been going between Mamypoko Extra Dry, Goo.N and Drypers in the S size. Tesco was having a deal on Drypers so I picked up a pack. 

Here’s my take on these brands:

  • Mamypoko Extra Dry: This is still our favourite diaper by far. It’s not only absorbent, but it’s got a handy wetness indicator outside the diaper. So when the line goes from yellow to blue, we know it’s time to change her. It saves us squeezing her diaper or poking it to assess how wet it is! And in the middle of the night, we just want minimal disruption to her sleep. 
  • Goo.N: I quite liked Goo.N at the beginning when I was using the NB size on Olivia. But now, I feel it’s just so-so. It’s more absorbent than Drypers but still not as good as Mamypoko. Plus, I think we’ve gotten used to Mamypoko’s wetness indicator so I don’t really like that I have to probe and feel to guess if the Goo.N diaper is wet. I bought this pack a while ago when Tesco had a deal on it. 
  • Drypers: This is the least absorbent diaper, I find. So I use it only when I know I can change her after an hour or so. The green gel material really feels wet after some pee, unlike Mamypoko, which at least has a feeling of dryness. ‘Look’ wise though, it’s a very pretty diaper.

  Left to right: Goo.N, Drypers, Mamypoko

I’ve got a pack of unopened Petpet diapers too that I’ve yet to try. But I have a feeling that I’ll still prefer Mamypoko because of its handy wetness indicator. 


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