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36 weeks!

Wow I can’t believe I’m at 36 weeks. It’s a bit like when you’re 6 years old and you think being 12 is really far away. Even though I fully know and feel like I’m in my third trimester (she’s a little watermelon attached to my body right now), somehow it’s still surreal that she’s going to come out soon. Weird right? 

She weighs about 2.5kgs (as of last Sunday), which is super great. She’s head down, and I’m definitely feeling the increased pressure on my pelvic area. I had to go to the loo three times last night! That’s a record. 

My feet, legs and thighs are also quite puffy, but thankfully they’re not bothering me. I just have to be mindful to put my feet up when I can and to avoid shoes that are tight (which is 90% of my shoe collection right now). I’m determined to get a pedicure soon, so that at least my toes will look pretty when I deliver her. 

House-wise, we’re ready for her arrival. We’ve been so blessed to have been given a ton of things by my sisters and friends. Colleagues and church friends also hosted baby showers for me and gave gifts, which I’m so thankful for, because I really don’t know how we could have done all of this on our own! 

The cot is set up, the cupboards and drawers are stocked with clothing, bedding and diapers, and I’ve put an armchair next to the cot, which will be my feeding spot. The stroller and car seats are ready to go. 

I also got some really useful things from Little Whiz in Setia Alam, which I still find offers the best deals! They have an online store but I prefer walking into the shop so I can touch and feel the items. It’s not a fancy store at all and feels like you’re walking through a warehouse, but the staff are friendly, they have a wide range and they offer great discounts. I seriously recommend it, especially to mummies who are budget-conscious. 

I popped by the other day to pick up a waterproof mattress protector (RM31 but I had a 15% discount) and a waterproof car seat protector (RM49), which makes so much sense to me because there’s no way that I’m going to be able to take apart the car seat to give it a good wash, or wash her cot mattress every time there’s a nappie leak. Thank God for practical inventions like these. 

In the next few weeks, I’m hoping to wrap things up at work, get some freezer cooking done and just enjoy time with family and Keith. 

Life will change very soon! 


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