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I’m a diaper-deal-hunting ninja

Who doesn’t love a good deal, especially when it’s an item you need. And if there’s anything we’re going to need in BULK in the coming months, at least initially until I figure out a reusable diaper system, it’s DISPOSABLE DIAPERS.

Being less than 2 months away from my due date, I thought this would be a good time to build up my disposable diaper stock. I must say, I think I found some pretty good deals online and in stores.

Here’s what I bought:

  1. 1x MamyPoko Extra Dry NB 80pcs for RM41 from Lazada (full price: RM56.55 at Tesco)
  2. 1x MamyPoko Extra Dry S 68 pcs for RM41 from Lazada (full price: RM56.55 at Tesco)
  3. 1x Tesco Loves Baby NB 64 pcs for RM15 from Tesco (full price: RM30? Somewhere there- the receipt doesn’t show it!)
  4. 1x Goo.N NB 50 pcs for RM18.48 from Tesco (full price: RM30++- again, the receipt doesn’t say, but it was almost 50% off!)
  5. 1x Goo.N S 46 pcs for RM18.48 from Tesco (full price: RM30++- same story)

All for a total saving of at least RM70!

Why these brands? 

  • MamyPoko- I went with MamyPoko because I had heard really good reviews on its absorbency rate 
  • Tesco- My sister says the Tesco brand is pretty decent. Plus, the price is so good so I’m going to give them a go
  • Goo.N- Since forums were raving about the great value of Japanese brand Goo.N, I picked up a couple of packs up as well

I plan to use Tesco/Goo.N during the day when I can keep a closer eye on her diaper and change when needed, and MamyPoko for the night.

The deals were honestly good, especially for Tesco and Goo.N. But I had to stop myself from going gangbusters because:

  1. I don’t know what size she’s going to be for sure. She may even skip NB and go straight to S
  2. I don’t know if her skin might react to certain brands
  3. I don’t know how powerfully she pees. Some babies pee a mighty lot, and different brands have different absorbency levels

So I’ll have to content myself with these for now. 

Some tips I learned:

  • Lazada has a much more expensive original price for diapers e.g. MamyPoko Extra Dry NB 80 pcs is RM63.50 on Lazada as opposed to RM56.55 at Tesco (and by the way, they’re RM59.89 at Parkson). BUT Lazada is always having deals. When I bought these 2 MamyPoko packs, they had them discounted to RM51 per pack and I applied a promo code on the total bill to get a further RM20 off, so they came down to RM41 each. There are ALWAYS promo codes available on Lazada. Right now, the promos running are ROCK30 (30% off) and LUCKY15 (15% off). Just be sure to check the min spend required. The extra nice thing about Lazada is, free shipping! 
  • It’s ok to mix diaper brands. My sisters and other mums have given me this tip. Just use a more absorbent one for night time
  • Supermarkets are always having diaper deals. You’ve just got to keep an eye out (unlike baby formula, where the pricing is strictly regulated)
  • Yay for free samples, because they save you from investing in a massive pack! I applied for some MamyPoko Air Fit samples (a different range from the MamyPoko Extra Dry). You can apply for MamyPoko samples here. They haven’t arrived yet, and I hope they haven’t forgotten! I also have some Drypers Wee Wee Dry samples from my prenatal classes (which we did with Jenlia at Sheela Maternity, and the classes were SO good by the way), so I’ll give these a go as well.  

šŸ‘ŠšŸ» Here’s to more diaper deals in the future. 

Just 7 weeks to go… 



  1. Diana

    Hi lily,

    Interested to know if the goo.n diaper is still at 50% discount at Tesco? Thank u.

    • lilycheah

      Hi Diana! Sorry I’ve not been to Tesco in more than a month so I’m not sure! I got this deal at the Shah Alam Tesco. I did find out on the weekend that Aeon in One Utama has fantastic deals on Mamypoko and Drypers though, if you’re interested in those brands. Nappikleen is also very cheap there at RM13.88 for the big bottle.

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