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3 things I’ll miss about being pregnant

1. Having her close 

For the last 32 weeks, it hasn’t been ‘I’ but ‘we’. She has gone with me to work, joined me in house chores and preparations for her arrival, and eaten with me at every meal. When I sleep, she prods me to remind me that she’s there. In the morning, she is my alarm clock, kicking inside even before the alarm buzzer goes off. It has been such a beautiful experience.

2. Feeling her movements 

She turns, shifts positions, hiccups and stretches. It’s always a test of imagination to translate what I feel into visual pictures in my mind of what she’s actually doing in there. 

Sometimes I feel like I can make out her fingers touching the lining of my womb. To think that she has little hands and feet is just amazing, especially when you see it on the ultrasound. 

It’s crazy, and sometimes the love I feel for her is so overwhelming I don’t quite know what to do!

3. The ‘pregnant’ treatment

I still get pleasantly surprised when people ‘make way for the pregnant lady’. When you’re pregnant, good people offer you seats, give you preference on what you want to eat and are just more mindful of what you may need. I’ve really appreciated this, and every time this happens I remember “Ah yes, I am pregnant!” (Sometimes I just forget.)

I think it’s a great thing to continue to honour all pregnant women as they carry new life within their bodies! Let’s never stop doing this for pregnant women and all others who need our special attention, including the elderly.

Just 8 weeks to go now (or possibly less). 


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