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There’s a human inside me. Still mind blown.

30 weeks in and I’m still amazed that my body is capable of growing a baby. It blows my mind to think that this child inside me has grown from nothing to a human being with body, mind, soul and spirit. Just crazy. 

Over the months, I’ve also witnessed my body go through surprising changes. Sometimes, I actually go “WHOA!” when I look at myself in the mirror. 

1. The emerging belly button

15 weeks ago, my belly button was seriously deep. So deep that even Keith was amused. I could have fit 1tsp of vanilla essence in there EASY (talking in baking terms). Somehow my belly grew out and my navel stretched along with it I guess? 

Well, this week it’s become super shallow and I wouldn’t be surprised if it popped out next week! I’ve always had a fairly deep navel so this is a new experience.

2. Thicker hair

So apparently when you’re pregnant, you don’t drop as much hair as you would normally do. And the result is a much thicker head of hair. 

I’m used to being a serial hair dropper (you’d find my hair all over the place) so having this slow down has been quite nice for the house cleaning front. Even though many women on online forums seem to say they enjoy having the thicker head of hair, I’m not sure I like it? It feels different and I’m not loving the texture. 

They say quite a bit of hair will drop after delivery (to make up for all the hair we’ve retained I’m guessing?). That’ll be interesting. Maybe I’ll go back to short hair then. 

3. The overall jellybean-ness

Keith calls me and bubba his jellybeans 😊 I really am like a jelly bean with legs right now! With 13 kgs packed on, I get why people say “child-bearing hips” because my hips have definitely expanded to prepare for childbirth. Sob sob for my fave pair of high waisted jeans, but I’ll get back into them soon enough. 

At least my brain has finally registered that I have a front pertruding core because a few months ago, I had a spatial awareness fail. I shut a low cupboard door while I was standing pretty close to it thinking I still had a flat stomach and the door corner scratched my tummy! 

It’s better now though and I’m much more careful with my movements. I make sure I log roll out of bed now, and I take my time getting in and out of the car. 

Fun times. Let’s see how much bigger I get in the final 10 weeks!



    • lilycheah

      Thanks Kat! The second tri is such a great time 😊 especially when you start feeling baby’s distinct movements. So amazing! All the best to you too

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