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I shall have breakfasts!

I wasn’t a breakfast person before becoming pregnant. I think it was the stay at the hospital during my bleeding that warmed me up to the idea of breakfasts. They served us jam and toast, and Milo in a TEAPOT, which I thought was the cutest thing. Since then I’ve been trying to be more committed to having good breakfasts. 

So at home, we’ve been having more cereal and muesli, with fruit and milk or yoghurt. We’re big fans of NZ’s The Collective brand but our local Jaya Grocer has stopped stocking these. So we’ve migrated to Dairy Farmers Thick & Creamy, which is an Australian brand. It’s about RM18 for 600g. It’s more expensive than Nestle and but the quality is SO much better. So it’s worth it. It’s also much thicker in consistency, so you end up needing less of it with your cereal or muesli.


Occasionally, I have oats (Quaker brand) with just some milk poured in, into the microwave for a minute (not too long or it’ll explode…). Then with honey stirred through. My grandma (who’s now almost 100) likes to tear bread into her oats and that was how she made it for me when I was little. I do that now sometimes just to remind me of childhood.

As for breads, having an assortment of spreads keeps it exciting. Sometimes, just butter on toast does it for me. It just hits the spot. Other times I’ll take out all I have and just do a patchwork of spreads on my 2 pieces of toast. Must haves in our pantry are: jam (just bought a Bonne Maman one, yum), Nutella, peanut butter (I still like the classic Skippys), and Speculoos. Ooo. 

Fruit is a given, and our favorites are apples, dragonfruit and kiwifruit! 

Hopefully when our little bubba comes out I’ll still be able to keep up this habit of having breakfasts! 


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