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Swelling feet & the joy of a pedicure

23 weeks in! I’m feeling so much better these days that sometimes I even forget I’m pregnant! The nausea has improved dramatically, and celery and bacon don’t put me off anymore (hurrah).

The only things that I’m watching out for now are my feet and legs, which have begun swelling after long periods on my feet. One day it was so bad, even my thighs were swollen! Apparently it’s because of blood circulation and water retention, so I’m just being careful now to manage it. Staying active helps, as does putting your feet up. So I’ve been trying to do both, even while I work.

Last week, to celebrate my sister’s birthday, we went for a pedicure session. And I must say, it’s really nice to look down at your feet and see nice toes (even if they are swelling)! I haven’t had a pedicure since my wedding more than 2 years ago, so this was quite a treat. Plus, they use one of those machine filers to smoothen out the heels of your feet, and it’s such a nice feeling when they’re not rough and uneven, but soft and smooth!

We went to Pamper Me in Setia Alam and it was very reasonable. RM44 for a standard pedicure and RM34 for a manicure. PLUS, if it’s your birthday month (as was the case for my sister), you get 50% off one of your treatments. So her pedicure ended up only costing RM22. What a deal.

Check them out if you’re looking for a place to do your nails. They do nail art as well. That’s way too fancy for me, but it may be your cup of tea!


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